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Chrissy is a genre-bending DJ/producer with releases on 17 Steps, Dansu Discs, Super Rhythm Trax, Pets Recordings, Chiwax, Classic, Freerange, Razor N Tape, Nervous, and more. He specializes in rave-influenced sounds, Chicago house, and disco, but his two-decade career has ranged from jungle to footwork to freestyle, with gigs at Panorama Bar, Smartbar (where he held a residency from 2015-2018), and a residency at San Francisco’s oldest and most storied queer club, The Stud.

Chrissy is also a well-regarded voice on dance music history—he ran the popular “My Year of Mixtapes” blog, posting original genre-focused DJ mixes every week for a year. He wrote the liner notes for Hardcore Traxx: Dance Mania Records 1986-1997, and has written about dance music history for RBMA, XLR8R, and Electronic Beats.

His new album, Physical Release, is out now Hooversound Recordings, with a follow-up EP on Sorry Records planned for 2022.


“Chrissy is one of my fave people in music. He’s not only extremely talented and a walking talking dance encyclopedia, he is also someone whose stance I really respect…he actively tries to debunk the gatekeeper mentality that dance music is sadly still haunted by, all with a really constructive approach and positive attitude, truly opening doors for newer blood.” — Violet

“Chrissy is one of the best DJs to ever walk the earth and I am just going to keep saying it until everyone agrees with me.” — The Black Madonna

“One of the most versatile and knowledgeable DJ/producers on the planet” — Jerome Hill

“The living embodiment of a ‘DJ’s DJ’” — Mixmag

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